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    Shenzhen Weiyi International Medical Health Design Co., Ltd.Referred to as Weiyi Medical Design,Is an interior design company focused on medical space,The company specializes in the overall design of indoor and outdoor architectural decoration design and post-soft installation design of interface hospitals and dental clinics, and is committed to being the most indoor design agency in China.

    FounderMaster of Science and Technology, Milan University of Technology, Italy,Led by professional、Outstanding design team, adhering to the "do the best design, best service" concept, creative and tailor-made design solutions for each customer, to create a practical, comfortable and beautiful medical environment.

    Shenzhen Weiyi Medical Design has established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known domestic stomatological hospitals to create a more friendly and close-knit space and service atmosphere for medical staff and patients, and has been recognized by medical staff and patients.

    Shenzhen Weiyi Medical Design has undergone five years of precipitation and accumulation, relying on the case design of oral medical institutions,RepeatedCotton Tree Design China Interior Design Award, China Decorative Design Award, Medical Space Engineering Gold Award, Asia Pacific Most Creative Designer AwardAnd many other medals, recognized by the industry。



    • Professional teamProfessional team
    • Wealth of experienceWealth of experience
    • Innovative ideasInnovative ideasInnovative ideas
    • Dedicated attitudeDedicated attitudeDedicated attitude
    • Dedicated attitude
    • Sincere serviceSincere serviceSincere service
    • 地址:深圳市福田區景田商報東路景明達酒店三樓

    • 聯系人:冷小姐 唐小姐

    • 手機:18665880132(冷)18823706258(唐)

    • 郵箱:1275028877@qq.com